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About Csilla

My Story


I graduated from a leading Australian Kinesiology College and have had the benefit of being taught by industry leaders from both Australia and abroad. Dr Charles Krebs, Guy Bennett, Jacque Mooney just to mention a few.  In addition to my studies I have enjoyed attending numerous coaching sessions and Kinesiology workshops presented by world renowned experts in their respective fields.

My passions in life are my family, friends, holistic healing, holistic education, nourishing food, spiritual practices, yoga, outdoor activities, being in nature, travelling and discovering the world.  My intention is to work and live in harmony with nature and the universal principles. Kinesiology helps me to integrate all of this into my life.

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About me


I spent five years in tertiary education  studying textile manufacturing / engineering along with a second degree in Business majoring in Marketing and Advertising. After my scholarship in Germany which I loved, I started my career in an big international clothing business as a Production Manager and Translator but decided  that my real passion  was not in the art of enticing people to buy products. I took off to England to improve my English and enhance my understanding of people and children and to learn about different cultures. Whilst studying English in London I took it upon myself to study more about health and took an interest in  massage.

When I moved to Ireland I took up a course on Aromatherapy.  I have now lived and worked in five different countries, I have learnt and fluently speak three languages and have worked in the clothing / textile, travel, banking and health industries with the final industry being my true passion.  I arrived in Brisbane with my husband in 2004. I had my first Kinesiology session and experience in 2005 and decided to start studying it straight away and have never looked back since. I have been studying, thinking, talking, dreaming and practicing Kinesiology since then whilst raising our 2 beautiful children.

My philosophy

The body has the intrinsic ability to heal itself, this has proven to be the case throughout human evolution.

Sometimes though, the body needs some extra support and guidance to maintain it’s health.


A Kinesiology session called balance can support the individual in that journey. It helps you to become self aware, assist in the release of the cause of problem and aid in enhancing the body’s healing power.

My vision


Empower and inspire my clients to connect with their true values and deep desires.

I believe that when one lives by his/her values there is a deep sense of contentment and happiness. To empower them to have the courage to make the change that will manifest  the desired outcome.


For me health is freedom. Freedom from pain, disease, toxins, restrictions, limiting beliefs and suppressed emotions.

Once we accept that our own health and self love is our biggest responsibility in life, making changes with Kinesiology will be an easier journey  with less or little healing crises along the way. The self awareness that comes from the feedback process of muscle monitoring is life changing.

I offer one on one Kinesiology sessions to work on specific health issues.  I work with my clients to guide them out of their “survival state” to a place of inspiration, creativity, fulfillment and optimal health.

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