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dōTERRA Essential Oils

What are essential oils?
Essential oils are naturally occurring compounds that are found and derived from different parts of a plant. It could be the bark, the flower, the seed, the fruit or the root of a plant or a tree. 
These oils provide the plants and trees with protection against disease and predators. Plants are synergistic, which means they work with the need of the body supporting you in your health and well-being!
DōTERRA is a company that offers high quality essential oils for all who is ready to experience the joy and benefit of it. It provides the purest and most potent essential oils possible today.
Why essential oils?
The body is designed to heal itself given the right conditions. 
Implementing essential oils in your life is a quick and easy way to support your body at home.
Incorporating essential oils in your daily life could help you to eliminate toxic chemicals and cleaning products from your home, make your space smell fresher and nicer, spice up your food and drinks without any side effects.
I am so excited to announce that dōTERRA oils are now available at my clinics now!
What is an essential oil?
How do I use essential oils?
How do I and my family benefit from it?
Is there any side effects of essential oils?
All these questions and much more is answered in great details on
How do I use essential oils?
There are boundless ways of using essential oils but here are the three main ones:
1. You can use them aromatically and diffuse it,
2. You could use it topically, apply it in your bath or on your skin, or
3. Internally: adding it to your drink and food or take it in a capsule only if it prescribed by a health practitioner!!
There are plenty of ideas on the dōTERRA website.
How do I purchase dōTERRA oils?
There are 3 main options for that:
1. Purchase products on line without a membership go to and follow promts below. 


- click on menu bar
- click " Shop"
- choose your preferred language
- select your country of residence
- click "Start shopping"
- select  " I want products that will be shipped from within my own country, via local shipping methods (OTG)
- click " Continue "
- choose from the products and pay!

Enjoy your oils!

Looking forward to hearing from you and how you these amazing oils brought improvement in your life.

2. Open a Wholesale Membership and enjoy all its benefits and that would allow you to order you own oils on line, in your own time in the comfort of your own home, offering 25% discount after a one off joining fee of $35. For more information please contact me and we can find the time (allow at least 1 hour) so I can guide you through the process or follow instruction below.

To join dōTERRA and save:

- go to

- click on menu
- select " Join & Save"
- choose you preferred language
- select your country
- choose " Local (OTG) Order: Select this option if you wish to order your items from an Australian Warehouse in Australian Dollars "
- click " continue"
- select " Wholesale Prices"
- fill out your personal information
- click " continue "

3. I am passionate about informing and supporting families in creating a safer and healthier home environment by replacing chemicals and drugs with essential oils.  Many families are realising the benefits of introducing dōTERRA  oils into their daily routine. I am running wellness workshops for small groups (3-7 people) at my place or yours to learn more about essential oils. I also run children workshops so they can make their own blend and have fun with dōTERRA essential oils. Please  contact me so we can find the most suitable time for you or your friends and colleagues.
 Contact me by clicking here or visit me on
 Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy!
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