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What is an ENAR Machine?

ENAR stands for Electro Neuro Adaptive Regulator.

It is an intelligent, interactive, therapeutic, medical device!

ENAR is listed with the Australian Register of Therapeutic Goods (ARTG, no 147761) as a therapeutic hand held medical device.

It fits in and expends my kinesiology practise really well as it is a natural, non- invasive, non-toxic, low risk machine promoting the body's own natural self-healing mechanism.

What does ENAR do?

ENAR stimulates the body to try and prompt natural self-regulation and self - healing to create homeostasis.

Designed to correct nerve innervation response or nerve firing to promote 

- short term and long term pain reduction,

- restoration and improvement in function,

- rehabilitation,

- rejuvenation.

Reported effects include:

-  improvement of general health (    including mental and emotional)

- increase in energy level and well-being,

- improvement of sleep and rejuvenation,

- reduction of inflammation/ swelling,

- faster wound healing,

- improvement of metabolism

- normalisation of hormonal imbalances,

- improvement with allergies and sensitivities

Closeup studio portrait of unhealthy you
How does it do it?

It prompts healthy nerve (neuro) response = Homeostasis

We talk about this in kinesiology too click here for more info.

ENAR device uses the "Reflex - Biofeedback" explained in the picture above to create change in the nervous system through the skin.

The ENAR machine delivers therapeutic electro-neuro-innervation through the skin to stimulate healthy nerve response to relieve pain and improve functionality. It evokes a response prompting the Nervous System to reset healthy nerve function.

Does ENAR really work?
Published medical research trials at at Macquarie University in Sydney has clearly shown to produce fast and significant short term and long term results (6 mths + ) with Chronic Pain (Neck), Related Disability, Dysfunction and General Wellbeing.
For more on the Macquarie University research information and result look below or visit link.
Why is ENAR different?


  • non- invasive

  • non-toxic

  • stimulates the body's natural healing process

  • non blocking

  • natural

  • University Researched

  • and much more....

If you want to expand on this please visit the enar website.

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