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Catching a cold this Winter?

As a kid I used to love winter with it's snowy adventures in Europe.

It is a bit different here in Brisbane. Nevertheless we are still getting a cold here with this type of climate and whether you like it or not it is good for our immune system to do it's own upgrading.

The challenge is if you keep getting sick. Why would that one be?

There is 2 parts of getting a cold:

1. Pathogens like viruses or bacterias, and

2. Immune system

Sometimes it is very wise to stay away from different type of viruses or bacteria to keep yourself or your family healthy. Other times it is close to impossible. So what could you do instead.

Yes you guessed!

Look after your immune system!!!

Our immune system is a very complex defense mechanism and we have the innate defence and the adaptive defence. It is like the army and our police force looking out for external and internal invaders and trying to tackle them.

Look after your immune system and in return your immune system will look after you!

Do you want to try something new today?

Book in!

I have protocols for both kinesiology and Enar in relation to improving your immune system.

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