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Too much or not enough Stomach acid?

Updated: Apr 19, 2019

Low Stomach Acid?

Low Stomach Acid might be caused by several factors that you can see above. Let's go into more details:

  • Stress: When we are stressed we chew up several of ours minerals including zinc to be able to deal with the stress. Zinc is needed to make hydrochloric acid and HCl is needed to absorb zinc. It is a bit like catch 22. We we don't have enough of any of those too that we won't be able to maintaining brain integration under stress and we will feel even more stress which would need even more zinc.

  • Regular Eating: Our stomach is a yang (male) organ according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. It means it needs to work and rest in order to function optimally like any other males in our lives. Have ever noticed that females can just keep going and working while men work hard and need rest and if we don't allow them to do so their are less likely to perform their very best? My suggestion is don't fight it just accept it.

  • Low zinc: As mentioned above we need zinc to produce hydrochloric acid and we need HCl to absorb zinc. But if we are in fight or flight most of the time and we use up all our zinc reserves to deal with stress than we might run out or we will be depleted deeply at a cellular level.

  • High copper: Copper is a very important mineral and we can't live without it and we needed it in higher amount especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding. However we can also accumulate a high level of it. It is called copper toxicity. Copper and zinc is like a sea-saw. If one is high the other one goes low and via versa.

  • Pathogens: Having a strong (acidity Ph 2-3) is very important part of staying healthy. A strong stomach acid is part of our defense mechanism against all type of pathogens like viruses, bacteria, parasite etc. H.Pylori is just one type of bacteria that can set up in the lining of the stomach upsetting the cell and stopping them to produce appropriate amount and acidic stomach acid. According to some practitioner if you have H.Pylori in your stomach it is because your stomach acid must have already been too alkaline for the bacteria to be able to stay there. Pathogens can also release their own acid "the bad one" which seems to make it appear that you have too much stomach acid "the good one" but it is an acid that doesn't work for your benefit though.

  • Heavy metal toxicity: One of the issues with heavy metal toxicity is that it competes with other useful minerals and vitamins!

Toxicity is a major subject now days and probably most of us is scared of toxicity or scared about not being able to avoid it. To be honest I find it a bit overwhelming myself some times. When I am feeling positive I realise that while I can't control what is going on in the whole wide world I can control what is going into my body, my car and my house and I am also fully aware that there are lots of people out there making a positive change to reduce the toxic level on Mother Earth.

Heavy metal toxicity comes in many shape and form and I won't go into great details there but there are several websites that do though. Why don't you try and make one little change in your life and keep in going for 3 weeks or until it becomes a habit and than choose the next challenge. Let's mention a few heavy metals toxicity challenges.

- copper pipes - drink filtered water

- metal cutlery's - buy high quality cutlery

- aluminium pots - replace with high quality stainless steal

- aluminium in baking soda - check labels etc

  • Neurology: Sometimes our nerves system/ brain gets confused. It mistaken thinks that we don't not enough toxic metals in our body or thinks we have too much nutrition even though the signs and symptoms of the body shows the opposite. In kinesiology we have special techniques to check and clear the confusion in relation to it, supporting the body to allow to absorption of minerals and vitamins or support the process of elimination of the toxins.

  • Inherited Factors: Fortunately or unfortunately we inherit the good as well as the bad from our ancestors. Is it bad karma? I don't think so! I do think it is bad luck though unless you choose to work with it and work at it. There are many ways to do it in kinesiology and they are all depend on the individual so I won't go into details.

  • Liver: Yes our liver does hundreds of thousand of jobs and when it gets overwhelmed it asks for help from the stomach. It might requests the stomach to produce more stomach acid which unfortunately will fatigue over time and unable to keep up with the liver request. There are many ways to look after your liver and you might have heard about it too many times already. Here are a few suggestions in case you want to take some the load of your liver. You might be interested to reduce the following: processed sugar, processed food, high fat diet, alcohol, being dehydrated, feeling stressed, not enough rest and sleep just to mention a few. If you need more support with your liver in terms of diet , supplements and minerals you may go and see a naturopath to guide you along the way.

What happens if your stomach acid is not acidic enough (Ph 1-3)?

There is a lot that can go wrong and it's worth a whole article written about it in details but here is the short version of it:

The function of the stomach acid :

- HCl acid stimulates the enzyme called pepsin and pepsinogen that helps break down protein in the stomach. If it is not acidic enough than people might feel bloated after eating and the abdominal pressure builds up putting pressure on the Lower Esophageal Sphincter and it may open it. It allows the acid to splash up into the esophagus that might damaged the lining of it which can create major health concerns as the lining of the esophagus is not designed for that. You might experience this as heart burn.

- It is a defensive mechanism towards any pathogens (virus, bacteria, fungus, parasites etc) entering our system. If it is not strong enough the virus, bacteria, parasites won't be destroyed and will find their way into our small and large intestine creating imbalances there.

-We need strong stomach acid to be able to absorb any minerals but definitely magnesium, iron and vitamin B6 in the stomach. Proper magnesium absorption will support the esophageal sphincter muscle to close properly.

- Appropriate acidity level of the chime (food coming out of the stomach) allows the pancreas and the gall bladder to release their digestive enzymes and bile into the small intestine supporting fat, protein and carbohydrate digestion. If the food is not being digested it is getting fermenting in our gut creating a favorable environment for the unwanted pathogens to live there.

- We need a strong acidity to be able to break down our protein effectively into amino acids which are the building blocks for our neurotransmitter like serotonin (happy hormone) or melatonin (helping you to relax and fall asleep hormone)

How could kinesiology help? Kinesiology is an amazing modality to reduce build up stress in the body that might be the first step in the domino effect. There are also several different ways we can offer support with the above mentioned issue. We can work with organs and glands through their meridian system and release energetic blockages or work with their related muscles that hold stress and tension. We can find and release emotions that are involved in being in a state of stress so you can think more clearly and make choices and decisions that serve your highest potential.

I am also introducing ENAR machine to my clinic soon, which I find is amazing for reseting the nerves system in relation to pathogens and other stress related issues. For more information on that please visit

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to get in contact.

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