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Toxicity is a big subject nowadays and it can be very overwhelming for most.

Pretending it does not exist is not the way forward though.

One of the most important things to remember about toxicity is that you are in control of what goes into you body and what goes into your house. You are in charge, and if you are a conscious consumer that we can greatly influence the big picture too. If we choose to buy products that are great for our body it must be great for our environment and more and more companies will have to offer human, animal and environment friendly products. How exciting is that?!

I am sure my list is not complete one but it will still give some clarity.

You might be asking though where to start? The answer is easy, you can start anywhere.

Reducing or cutting out any type of toxins out of your body or environment will help you to feel better, have more clarity in your thinking, allow your body to function more optimally and probably have more energy.

Would you like more information?

Let's look at each of them in more details!

Heavy metals: (aluminium, mercury, lead, copper, nickel, cadmium etc)

You don't think you are exposed any of this? Please read on! These metals are found everywhere in our lives... Here are just a few examples.

- herbicides,

- fungicides,

- eating fish,

- baking powders,

- amalgam filling,

- scraping a frying pan,

- kitchen tools,

- using aluminum foils for cooking,

- handling batteries,

- paint,

- water pipes made of metals,

- cans, takeaway container,

- deodorants,

- sunblocks...

The other one in the environment group are very self explanatory and there is plenty of information out there about it including beauty products you use on yourself every day etc...

Pathogens: viruses, bacteria, fungus, parasites

- in the air,

- on surfaces,

- in food,

- in water,

- in soil..

As they enter our body or stomach acid (one of our defence system) suppose to kill them.

If you want to know much more about this please read my post called Too much or not enough Stomach acid and find out about the downflow effect of that which is HUGE.

Stress, Cortisol, Oxidation:

This is a huge one as our long term stress hormone called cortisol rust our body from inside out. The most important thing to know about the stress hormone is that it accumulates. There are several modalities out there that could help you to release the build up stress. My favourites are kinesiology, homeopath, acupuncture, enar, osteopathy etc. Make sure you choose one that fits in with your lifestyle and belief system.

The 3 Stages of Stress and when to seek help post of mine expands on this subject.


I find everyone know about this one like food, drink, sleep, exercise, being in nature , vitamin and minerals intake...

I won't go into that subject but I am very very happy to guide you in this area and offer personalised approach.

Nervous System:

In every session with every single clients of mine I look at their neurology and find out what it is that upset it and release the stress in relation to it allowing the body to function optimally and the mind to find peace of mind and be able to be present.

My article Making the "right" choice explains it in more depth.

Underactive Detoxification Pathways:

We humans have many detoxifications pathways that helps us to eliminate waste and toxic product from our body. If one or more of them is not functioning optimally that can put more pressure on the other organs or we end up with the accumulation of toxins.

Here are some of those pathways but you can't really single one out as they all affect each other.

- liver,

- gallbladder,

- kidney,

- stomach,

- large intestine,

- small intestine,

- skin,

- lung,

- lymphatic system,

- immune system...

Working with any of these will improve you state of health.

Hope after reading this you will take better care of yourself.

What do I do in my clinic in relation to this you may wonder?

It depends on the type of toxicity and the individual ability to make changes in their life I have lots of different skills and protocols to release the toxins, reduce the stress, support better detoxification pathways and much more!

I could support you in your journey with kinesiology or with the medical device called enar. For more information check out the rest of my website.

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