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Scientific study

Kinesiology utilises the science of the muscular-neuro feedback system and the principals of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Meridian system).  It is grounded in the study of anatomy and physiology, applying a wide range of gentle yet effective techniques to improve health, well-being and vitality.

If you are interested to link your passed traumas and emotional stress to your present health challanges and willing to release it and move on, Kinesiology can take you on that journey.  Too often in modern society across all media there is a great amount of information and influence to encourage people to suppress and compensate for their imbalance which leads to further stress and illness. Kinesiology is understood to take a detailed, holistic approach to create a pathway to recovery.

Kinesiology has its origins in the early 1900’s.  Dr. Robert Lovett,  an Orthopaedic Surgeon published  “The technique of manual muscle testing” which was mainly used for the assessment of polio sufferers.  At this stage of development muscle monitoring was just a tool to locate the nerve damage and related muscles. The Second wave of kinesiology called Applied Kinesiology. It has a chiropractic background from the 1960’s where Dr. George Goodhart started using muscle monitoring as a means of not just assessing but releasing blockages in the body. He used the research of Henry and Florence Kendall physiotherapist where it shows that different muscles relates to different organs and glands. He quickly realised that stimulating and strengthening the muscle the related organ got better too. This helped him to come to the discovery that if muscles relate to different organs and organs relate to different meridians that means that different muscles relate to different meridians too. The Third wave of kinesiology that is taught today is called kinesiology and has become and integrated from of Energy Medicine, which moves beyond linear paradigm with more of a psycho-emotional and esoteric learning.


  • Treats the cause not the symptoms

  • Deals with the body at all levels (physical, nutritional, emotional, energetic and spiritual)

  • Specifically tailored to all individuals

  • Gentle & Natural

  • Brings understanding & awareness of the issue

  • Based on the science of neuro-muscular feedback mechanism

  • Combined with the thousands of years old Traditional Chinese Medicine

  • Works with your conscious & subconscious part of your brain

  • Long lasting effect

  • Creates harmony & balance at all levels

  • No drugs & no side effects

  • more relaxed

  • improved digestive system

  • increased energy

  • better functioning immune system

  • improved sleeping patterns

  • released emotional traumas

  • mental clarity

  • ability to focus

  • breaking old patterns with ease

  • become aware of & resolve hidden stress

  • feel inspired about your life & health

  • being present

  • improved emotional well-being

  • more awareness of your body and your surroundings

  • make healthier choices

  • sense of direction in life

  • becoming solution focused

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