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What is Health?

What is illness?


The body's lack of ability to maintain homeostasis.

Maintaining homeostasis is a rather complicated matter and virtually every organ system plays a role in it.

Health is when our body manages to maintains Homeostasis. 

Walter Cannon American physiologist, professor and chairman of the Department of Physiology at Harvard Medical School came up with homeostasis  in the early 70's and called it the "Wisdom of the body".

Homeostasis is a self regulating process of all living things! It is the body's ability to maintain a dynamic state of equilibrium and create relatively stable internal conditions within relatively narrow limits in any living things even when the external environment changes continuously.

The body is in homeostasis when its needs are adequately met and its functioning optimally.

We know this process too well and take it for granted. When we cut our-self and we clean out the wound the next thing you know, it;s all gone and healed. The same goes with lots of minor issues like having a cold or pulling a muscle. 

When our body experiences major traumas it may need some extra help to bring it back to homeostasis or support the body to be able to re-create homeostasis. That is when kinesiology and other modalities can come very useful.

The human body is designed to heal itself if given the right conditions!

How does homeostasis work?

Our body uses negative or positive feedback mechanism or positive feedback mechanism to regulate itself . I won't go into great details about it here.

 How could kinesiology help you?

​  A kinesiology sessions might help you with:

  • digestive system problems (bloating, pain, sensitivity, leaky gut, heart burn)

  • challenges at school (emotional, social, learning, focusing )

  • stress management (moving from survival state to creativity)

  • sleeping disorders

  • low energy / fatigue

  • traumas (physical and emotional)

  • mental issues ( brain fog, poor memory, lack of concentration)

  • learning challenges (difficulty focusing, following instruction, feeling overwhelmed )

  • emotional challenges (anxiety / depression / anger / phobias)

  • low self-esteem

  • detoxification

  • nutritional deficiencies

  • immune system imbalances

  • addictions / stuck in old patterns

  • dysfunctional relationships

  • structural misalignment (injuries / misalignment)

  • reduce pain

After a kinesiology session you might find the following:


  • feel more relaxed and inspired

  • improved digestion, absorption and gut brain function

  • increased energy level

  • better functioning immune system

  • improved sleeping patterns

  • shift emotional stress from trauma to memory

  • improved behavioral, eating and sleeping patter in children

  • mental clarity and sharpness

  • ability to focus and improved memory

  • breaking old patterns with ease

  • become aware of old/ hidden stress and move on

  • feel inspired about your life & health

  • enjoy being present

  • improved emotional well-being

  • more awareness of your body and your surroundings

  • make healthier choices

  • clarity and sense of direction in life

  • become solution focused

  • reduced pain and inflammation

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