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What happens during a kinesiology session?

In the initial consultation, there is a 30-40 min discussion about your state of health and the information in your client form you filled out and brought with you. It will give me clarity and understanding of your overall health at the physical, emotional, nutritional, mental and energetic level. 

After the discussion, you have a kinesiology session called "balance" in relation to one or more of the health challenges you are facing!

In Follow Up sessions, there is a short discussion (10-15 min) on the health issue you would like to work on and a 45-50 minutes balance.

During a "balance" the client lies on the massage table fully clothed and the practitioner uses a muscle (most often a muscle on the arm or leg ) to muscle monitor to communicate with the subconscious part of your brain to accesses and release the stress or trauma that got stored in the body via locating acupoints, activating sore body parts, using hand modes etc.

Muscle monitoring means that a limb is put in a certain position to activate the specific muscle and put light pressure on the limb to get the communication going between the muscle, nerve and nerves system/ brain.

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How will I feel during a kinesiology session?

Kinesiology is a very gentle modality and most people just feel more calm and relaxed or sometimes feel tired during or after the balance.

As the bodies natural healing mechanism is to heal from top to bottom and from inside to outside, you may find that long suppressed imbalances or issues come up to the surface or to the skin. So you may get a rash or you will have some emotions that needs to be felt deeply before they can be released. It is part of the body's own natural healing process though.

I do find that kinesiology has the gentlest healing crises - if there is any- out of all modalities that I know.

You may also feel some tingling or warmness or coldness or during the session or you may feel nothing depending on the issues we are working with.


With emotional traumas you may feel some strong emotions merging to the surface ready to be released but it should shift soon and your trauma should become a memory. A memory is something that you have experienced and you can think of it without getting into fight or flight mode (more on that in the Making the "right" decision blog.

When I am working with muscles, ligaments, neuro-lymphatic or spinal reflex points than you may feel some tightness, stiffness or knots but if the pain is unpleasant you may just let me know and I reduce the pressure I am using. I am willing to work with everyone's level of pain threshold. The pain you are experiencing during a balance should be just pleasantly unpleasant.

How long does the session go for?

Initial consultation last for 1,5 hour. Follow ups are 1 hour.

What shall I wear for my session?


Comfortable cloths are suggested! Pants or shorts are recommended instead of dresses or skirts.

How will I feel after a kinesiology session:

Most of the time clients feel more relaxed as they go into a parasympathetic dominance state (rest and digest), this is the state where recovery occurs. 

People get clarity and find solutions to their issues and also feel more positive and inspired about their life.

In terms of physical health and for more info please click here.

Payment options:

Cash, bank transfer or electronic payment available.

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