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It's not what happens on the table that matters, it is what you create in your life afterwards!

Holistic Alternative Health


Natural Therapy Brisbane

Csilla Newham


I am a diploma qualified Kinesiology Practitioner registered with the Australian Kinesiology Association (AKA), I am a level 5 practitioner.

I work closely with my clients to helping  them with respect achieving to improving their health  at an emotional, physical, nutritional, energetic and spiritual level.

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Where Modern Science Meets Ancient Eastern Wisdom


Kinesiology utilises the science of the muscular-neuro feedback system and the principle of Traditional Chinese Medicine (Meridian system).

Natural Therapy Brisbane
Scientific Study
Why Holistic Health? 

Natural Therapy Brisbane


Csilla is a skillful, intuitive and very thorough practitioner who is able to facilitate shifts.  Over a period of time, she has helped me work through issues including emotional, physiological and structural problems.  I have no hesitation in recommending Csilla and her amazing kinesiology skills to assist you in your recovery." 

S. B.

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